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Wistron Medical Technology
Wistron Medical Technology Corporation (WMT) is a professional design & manufacturing service partner for diagnostic and medical technology brand companies.
Incorporated in 2016 in Taiwan, WMT is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wistron Corporation, a leading ODM and EMS partner for the world’s top technology companies for over 15 years.
WMT obtains Wistron’s capability and experience, and devoted into medtech field to make people live quality lives with better and more affordable medical devices.
What We Do
Wistron medical technology provides advanced ODM and EMS service for medtech and diagnostic brand companies.
Our experienced team has been specialized in system integration, verification & validation, certification, design-for-manufacturing, mass production, and after-sales support services for 15 plus years, which ensures the quality and rampability of the products and create value for brand companies.
How We Do It
The integration and manufacturing process and capability of Wistron has been trusted by global top tech companies for years.
Our supply chain management and life cycle management can improve the continuity of supply of the product, and our FDA approved manufacturing sites practice quality system met multiple industry standards e.g. ISO 13485, Taiwan GMP, and China GMP to ensure the production plan.


Value to Partner
Access to high-caliber
development teams
Extend talents and capabilities instantly to reduce cost with our experienced and multidisciplinary engineering and manufacturing experts including thermal, optical, power, and software team.
Solidify brand value
with high quality products
Apply robust design, development and quality-assurance processes to make quality products with reliable supply to ensure success with our brand partner's continuous growth.
Get to market faster, at lower possible cost
Capture cost reduction opportunity with experienced teams comprising of project managers, engineers, supply chain experts, logistics experts, and regulatory affairs personnel.


With integrity coded in our business conduct, we are the reputable partner that works with our brand partners.
We address the complex needs in the high-mix-low-volume sector and create value in the changing medtech field to improve people’s quality of lives.




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Wistron Group
Established in 2001, Wistron Corporation provides state of the art ICT product design, manufacturing, service, and systems for our brand clients. Wistron is recognized in Global Fortune 500 and Forbes Global 2000 for years, and has operation and service footprints across Asia, Europe, and America. Now Wistron together with its affiliated companies like Wistron NeWeb, Wistron ITS, and Wiwynn, become an information technology leader as Wistron Group, provide various industrial products and services in communications, components, and software solutions.

Case Studies

We create value and reduce the gap between low-volume to
mass production for brand partners through R&D developments